It’s time to reboot banking. Ferocia is working on Up, an alternative to your current bank.
Ferocia loves Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank. Re-imagined.

We partnered with Bendigo Bank to deliver a modern Internet Banking platform for their customers.

Our relationships with … companies such as Ferocia [is] giving us capacity and insight to compete effectively and ensure that we can connect with customers in the way they wish
Robert Johanson
Chairman, Bendigo Bank
2015 Annual Report

What Bendigo Bank customers had to say

Working faster and smarter.

In partnership with Bendigo Bank, we worked to set up a framework for continuous innovation — not just a single release.

  • Zero downtime deploys

    Deploying new software without shutting systems down or interrupting customers who are currently online.

  • Feature flipping

    Feature flipping allows for features to be rolled out progressively or piloted minimising the risk of large changes.

  • Test automation

    Find issues before customers do by automating tests across Web, iOS and Android - a full regression test is performed in minutes rather than weeks.

  • Improved monitoring

    Cloud-hosted application performance management and customer behaviour monitoring so developers can diagnose and fix problems in real time.

See the app in action.

Available today for iOS & Android with a Bendigo Bank account.

Try the demo without a Bendigo Bank account in your browser, or download the app and tap Launch Banking Demo — you can find it in the menu on the login screen.