It’s time to reboot banking. Ferocia is working on Up, an alternative to your current bank.

We make delightful software.

Ferocia is a close-knit team of talented developers and designers driven by distilling complex problems into simple, elegant solutions that customers love.

We’re passionate about Agile development, user-centered design, Ruby on Rails, iOS, automated testing, JavaScript, and Android. We run on espresso, loose-leaf tea, in-house lunches, and the odd batch of Ferocia Pale Ale.

Meet the team.

Along the way we’ve also had help from some excellent humans like Shanon McQuay, Aaron Moodie, Josh Bassett, Zane David, Gareth Townsend, Doug McClurg, Jared Shay, Andy Taylor, Sam Cambridge, Jason Bell, Ben Schwarz, Max Wheeler and a range of other contractors and friends whose input we appreciate.

Photo of Andreas Weis

Andreas Weis, Design

Photo of Andrew Carson

Andrew Carson, Engineer

Photo of Anson Parker

Anson Parker, Product

Photo of Anthony Langhorne

Anthony Langhorne, Manager & Engineer

Photo of Ben Hoskings

Ben Hoskings, Engineer

Photo of Chris Aitchison

Chris Aitchison, Manager & Engineer

Photo of Chris Corbyn

Chris Corbyn, Engineer

Photo of Daniel Wearne

Daniel Wearne, Design

Photo of Dominic Pym

Dominic Pym, Director

Photo of Eliza Sorensen

Eliza Sorensen, Security Engineer

Photo of Evan Karantonis

Evan Karantonis, Operations

Photo of Grant Thomas

Grant Thomas, Director

Photo of Hannah Gibson

Hannah Gibson, Design

Photo of Jack Chen

Jack Chen, Engineer

Photo of Justin Morris

Justin Morris, Engineer

Photo of Kacey Thomas

Kacey Thomas, Business

Photo of Levi Buzolic

Levi Buzolic, Engineer

Photo of Marcus Crafter

Marcus Crafter, Engineer

Photo of Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle, Engineer

Photo of Mike Morris

Mike Morris, Manager & Engineer

Photo of Neil Ang

Neil Ang, Engineer

Photo of Paul Tagell

Paul Tagell, Delivery Manager

Photo of Rajesh Singh

Rajesh Singh, Engineer

Photo of Tarragon Allen

Tarragon Allen, Operations

Photo of Tom Meier

Tom Meier, Engineer

If you’re coming to visit, we’re just south of Melbourne’s CBD.

232 Dorcas Street
South Melbourne
Victoria Australia 3205